Happy Birthday Andrew!

Liwei knows how much you love your watches and wanted you to design your very own watch box. Our master craftsman in Paris specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind luxury wood boxes. Each box is fabricated entirely by hand using rare, precious woods according to the XIIIth century French traditions. He partners with various luxury watch brands in Europe and his boxes are built to withstand any fluctuations in humidity and temperature. You will be involved at key points in the process and will even get to pick the actual piece of wood veneer to be used on your box.

The current box contains several wood types and when you get back to Singapore, you will receive samples of each of the wood types described below. Take a look at the interior materials and let us know if you would like us to source another color for you. Once you are ready, select the type of wood and interior color of your box using the questionnaire below. Also, take the measurement of your wrist as the cushions will be custom fit for you. Feel free to ask any question as our goal is to make this watch box perfect.