Simple and easy-to-use, our design kit contains everything needed to custom design rolling rings. Rolling rings are a classic design consisting of several interconnected gold bands historically used for its symbolism and sentimentality. Create your interpretation of this iconic ring using the contents of the kit or have your loved ones each design one of the gold bands. The individual bands inevitably take on the personality of their designer while their interlinking reflects their connection to you.  

We partnered with Candice Miller of the famed Mama and Tata duo and co-founder of the chic and feminine Black Iris line on a set of rolling rings. She and her two girls each designed a gold band, which were in turn interconnected into a ring for Mom. The girls each received a miniature version of the ring to be worn as a pendant.

"My children and I designed a ring for Mother’s Day, and Jen gave us all of the tools and instructions to go through each step of the process. My girls were so excited to present me with the finished product because they worked so hard to make it special, and watching them learn this craft was truly an incredible experience. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received, and I’ll wear it forever."

- Candice Miller

The cost of each kit will be applied towards the final cost of the ring. Please specify if you plan on designing a ring with more than three bands. We also invite you to visit our virtual atelier, where you can design and visualize your ring in real-time.