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Portrait carvings known as Essex crystals were popular during Georgian times and often depicted fauna and flora themes. Each one is created by first carving a rock crystal cabochon – a clear gem domed on one side, flat on the other – with the desired motifs, which are in turn painted layer by layer to add depth to the piece. Only a few artists today master this Ancient art form. Our long time partner, Michael Peuster, is a renowned Master carver in Idar Oberstein, the historical epicenter for gem carving and has developed proprietary techniques to fine tune the resolution of the details.

To get started on your custom portrait, contact us by IG DM or email. All we need is a photo of your pet and the desired shape of the portrait (round, oval, heart, etc.). Once completed, the portrait can be set like any gemstone. We will walk you through the design process, whether it is to create a simple gold bezel or something more complex.