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Honoring individual uniqueness is at the core of everything we do. every design detail, whether big or small, is thoughtfully considered to convey our customers’ personal stories. The resulting piece is the pinnacle of personal expression and emotional evocation.


Every Millie and Noah piece is painstakingly handcrafted and reflects our collaborative relationships with jewelry experts and artists from around the world. A continual exploration of new techniques and technology, as well as an emphasis on quality and innovation, ensures that every detail is thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed.

Stones may be sourced from specific mines, cut by specific lapidaries, or carved by specific glypticians. A complex piece may even need to be produced by a specific master jeweler. Whatever our customer’s vision requires, we have established an extensive network of industry leaders to yield the highest quality result.


Our aim is to bring our customers the best of two worlds: the intimacy of the bespoke process and the convenience of modern technology. Our pieces are similarly inspired by time-honored traditions while displaying innovative techniques and materials. Our goal is to provide convenience and ease of design without compromising the familiarity of a one-on-one interaction with our customer.


Partnering with each customer is indispensable to the creative journey. Our clients are immersed in the entire process, from ideation to fabrication, controlling each decision along the way. Our role is to simplify, facilitate and guide the realization of their vision, creating a convenient, but emotional experience.