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Jade is highly prized in East Asian cultures and thought to bring luck. One of the most classic shapes is a round disc with a hole at the center. Create a modernized version of this talisman with carvings of your loved ones’ horoscope signs. We work exclusively with German master carver, Michael Peuster, one of the few carvers in the world able to carve at a miniature scale. 

Our recommended disc size, which ranges between the size of a nickel and a quarter, can hold up to 5 signs.

Please contact us and we will guide you
in the selection of your jade disc. We are able to source jade
in any color and quality.  

Premium quality jade will incur an additional cost to the listed prices.


$1,200 18k Gold Cord 
$2,100 18k Gold Bar on Chain
$2,600 18k Gold Bar with
Diamond Pave on Chain

email us at 
or send us a message
(whatsapp or IG)